Triage is looking for experienced documentary editors to have on our evergreen roster of freelance talent to collaborate with as needed on upcoming projects. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience working on documentaries and have knowledge of multiple softwares including, but not limited to, Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop), Final Cut Pro, InVision, and be comfortable using Google Suite and Microsoft Suite. Trimming dozens of hours of video and constructing it into a coherent film, whether a sub 30-minute short or a feature length project, takes patience, discipline and an inherent understanding of what makes for a compelling story. As such, the ideal candidate needs to have great communication skills, demonstrated success transforming visions and scripts into polished digital products, and an ability to perform in a high pressure setting under tight deadlines. In your application, please provide links to at least two documentaries you have edited but not personally shot.


  • Oversee an entire edit from radio edits to final cut (project dependent)
  • Work closely with producers and directors to ensure consistency of creative direction
  • Collaborate closely with others in audio and visual teams to create continuous and complete story
  • Create and/or assist as needed in creating the voiceover text and other commentary for the video
  • Cut video sequences effectively to ensure the scenes are seamless and flow logically
  • Prepare a logical storyboard by combination of the most effective scenes
  • Utilize superior skills and expertise in handling computer editing equipment, video switching devices, etc.
  • Organize video screenings for directors and producers to get their feedback
  • Locate stock or archival footage and still photographs that can be inserted between footage to aid in the storytelling as needed


  • 3+ years experience working as a documentary editor as well as on-set experience
  • Advanced Final Cut Pro experience
  • Advanced experience in using Adobe Premiere Pro to trim segments to set lengths and applying creative storytelling skills to every visual project
  • Familiarity with InVision
  • Experience with sound editing, color grading, online editing and format conversion
  • Excellent communication skills; highly organized; proficient in delivering edits under tight time constraints
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment – Creative mindset and ready to set outside the box when needed
  • Willingness to work long hours and over the occasional weekend